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This is a very common issue with all B&S made saxophones.Answer:sure there are: the King Super 20, the SML, the Pierret, the Couf Superba I, the Buescher 400, the Conn 10M, the Leblanc, and lots of others……of these, the Pierret Super Artiste is my favorite Have a Conn Tenor New Wonder II with the nail file G# key. Pads are held in by a small disc screwed to a stud. I plan on installing new pads like any sax with shellac and then screwing on the small disc that previously held in the pads.

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My set up varies from always an ebonite m/p either a Yani 7 or an original G Selmer all fairly open and a variety of reeds:- Rico Jazz Select 2HVandoren 2.5 or Hemke 2.5.

My main gigs are small combo, Royal Marines Concert Band format and a busy duo.

Or should I suggest to my customer we remove the stud from the key cups and install pads with modern resonators and which style do you think would work best for classical or community band playing? What’s your take on a 1967 BUESCHER 400 with the Varitone Pickup om the Underslung Tenor Sax Neck.

Also it has the factor installed small tube that runs the back of the sax and a 1/8 audio plug jack comes out of it.

Answer:stop reading sax on the web……almost certainly, your horn is a New Wonder II…..quite a few of them were very elaborately engraved by the Stenberg brothers, who were Conn’s staff engravers in the 1920′s……send me some clear, detailed pictures to [email protected] I’ll tell you more after I see it re Power Pips for my Buescher True Tone alto circa 1927 i think or my Jupiter tenor…is it located at the octave hole or where? Thanks, Bob I have a Neck enhancer for my alto and O ring fell apart….a few years old..never used it Hey Steve!! Could you please send a picture, an estimate of how many pieces and range of sizes? Much obliged, Paul Firth Answer:sure……I’ll check it out and send you some pictures but you have to give me your email address….bought these when Conn closed their Nogales operation……I’m unaware of anyone who sells key cups…. It now goes match the sound of my buddy’s 1961 Mark VI.

I’ve been looking ALL OVER for some key cups for an instrument I’m making. then I came across this page on your website: Product Description If you’re having to make replacement keys from scratch, the cup is the part that you cannot fabricate without highly specialized and very expensive equipment. I picked up a used Super Dynaction tenor neck, but it appears the neck was pulled down then straightened again, but it flattens out at the bow where it fits into the horn. Thanks Steve for this great info., and will help a lot of our dynaction players.

Most of my venues are medium sized halls and or open air situations ( not street busking)Back to my question Steve, Which neck from your stable of necks, do you feel would enhance my sound.

Evolution copper or gold laquared type your latest version has caught my eye and ear!

Has the neck and the brace somewhat looks like “the moon on the moon” silhouette. What’s your thoughts on this horn, because I don’t see many of these around, and would you use a large chamber or small chamber mouthpiece with it.

Answer:while not my personal favorite, those horns do have a “cult” following due to their unusually dark and rich sound.

Thanks Paul One of your hi-end competitors offers a curved soprano in solid silver.


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