Speed dating for young people

In Japanese, the practice is known as , or “marriage hunting.” The term was coined in 2007 by Chuo University sociology professor Masahiro Yamada.(He also coined the term “parasite singles” around 2000 to refer to young people who drain their parents’ resources.) Many local authorities see marriage hunting as a major step toward bumping the fertility rate back up to healthy levels.

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But is this a positive development or something to be concerned about?

Is online dating making the world better and dating more effective, or is something important being lost or sacrificed as a result?

The programs come in response to the country’s population woes.

Due primarily to younger generations losing interest in getting married and starting families, the population has actually shrunk by more than 1 million since 2010.

Here we examined whether dispositional mindfulness predicted initial romantic attraction beyond the effects of physical attractiveness in a speed-dating experiment.

Women were more attracted to men higher in dispositional mindfulness, beyond the effects of physical attractiveness.As for the current online dating options—they strike me as a good first crack at this by humanity, but the kind of thing we’ll significantly improve on to the point where the way it was done in 2014 will seem highly outdated in not too many years.Now that the stigma has diminished, you know this industry is going to race ahead because there’s so much money to be made by whoever can be innovative.The first prominent online dating site was Match.com, which launched in 1995.e Harmony started in 2000, Ok Cupid in 2004, and more recently, a wave of mobile people-swiping apps, like Tinder and Hinge, have become wildly popular. from Brooklyn, NY for suggesting this week’s topic: Online dating, once a fringe and stigmatized activity, is now over a billion industry.


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