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After his true identity is revealed, he assists them with an effort to capture the device.Due to Chuck's actions in the mission, Cole, Sarah and Chuck are all captured and Cole is tortured by Fulcrum, where he learns that Chuck is the Intersect.

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His persistent pursuit of Sarah in these episodes creates a brief love triangle that only goes as far as a kiss; Sarah turns down an offer to leave with him, due to her lingering feelings for Chuck. She is also one of the many in high-ranking positions that believe that Chuck was ill-suited to be the Intersect and is openly hostile with him, pointing out that her G. With the NCS Intersect experiments shown to be dangerously flawed, General Beckman has the Intersect extracted from Noble and Dunwoody, and they are transferred to points unknown.

Cole is one of a handful of people who know Chuck is the Intersect and are not imprisoned. Bentley was also removed from leading the Intersect Project, as she failed to collaborate with the existing Intersect on top of threatening his life; Chuck was subsequently promoted to head the Intersect Project over Bentley's head.

The titular character of the series is Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), an affable and anxious Nerd Herd associate at Buy More who unwittingly downloads the entire CIA/NSA secret database subliminally into his brain.

During the series he is protected by CIA agent Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and NSA agent John Casey (Adam Baldwin) while helping the CIA and NSA in spy missions.

These characters are allied with Chuck and his handlers, many of them by virtue of being in the legitimate intelligence community.

Cole Barker (Jonathan Cake), born in Newcastle, England, is an MI6 agent assigned by the British government to infiltrate Fulcrum.

Some of the allies they meet along the way are only on board for one or two missions, and some of their enemies are not involved with the main antagonist organizations of the series, Fulcrum and other parts of the Ring, and Volkoff Industries.

Characters on this list are those that do not contribute significantly to the plots of more than two episodes, and who are not associated with Buy More, Fulcrum, the Ring, or Volkoff Industries.

The results show that serial cohabitation is heavily concentrated among disadvantaged populations (e.g., women who grew up in single parent families).


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