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These racists commenting that Malia’s acceptance into Harvard has to be based on her race also fail to consider that her mother holds two Ivy League degrees from Harvard and Princeton.

Perhaps Malia inherited those brains from her mother?

White males are not inherently more capable or intelligent as a group.

No one is “taking” their opportunities away, as those opportunities should never have belonged solely to white males.

Shutting down the comments on this story doesn’t erase the racism behind the comments.

It still exists and has been fostered and encouraged by the likes of Fox News.

People can (and rightly will) get bogged down in arguments on whether it should go from Wimbledon to Clapham Junction via Tooting, via Balham, via somewhere else or directly without an intermediate station, but these are mere details and hardly matter at the macro level.

In the same way, a few years ago, one could have made a case that Crossrail itself was as much about London maintaining its prominent position in the world and its markets as it was about providing a better transport system.A lot of the reason behind the enthusiasm for small things is due to the possibility of seeing them grow.The idea of railway lines being extended always attracts interest and, as far as the Tube goes, the Bakerloo line is perhaps the only one left with a possibility of being extended.For our purposes it is easier to give the main conclusion of the report and then look at how it arrived at it, rather than the reverse.So, without further ado, the report recommends that the Bakerloo line should be extended from Elephant & Castle to Lewisham via the Old Kent Road and suggests an opening date of 2030.To that end we now look in detail at the latest consultation report on proposals to extend the Bakerloo line.


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