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If the phone doesn't make it, you may be able to transplant the battery and card to a new one.

Blow air A can of compressed air or even a hairdryer can help you get a jump on the drying process, but use extreme caution.

Is there a quick and cheap way to completely dry out the internals of this mobile phone so it will not fail when I turn it on?

Phone: Samsung metro duos Condition: Dropped in 2 ft of water for about 2 minutes.

Therefore the first action we should take is to Do not try to operate the device. After having removed the battery we have to get rid of all the water in the device.

In case it fell into salt water, soup or beverage we have to remove salt or sugar too to avoid later corrosion or short circuits.

Visit Stack Exchange I unfortunately dropped my aunt's phone in water.

I didn't tried anything yet (I'm afraid of a short circuit).

There is never a free phone chat line trial with us as we are always 100% free.

You never have to give any personal information, credit card, or any fees.

"Don't press the hairdryer [to the phone]or it will melt," says John Gallie, owner of JTG Systems, an Ontario computer services company that repairs damaged cellphones.

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