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Lets take some common advice you may have heard and translate into cooking advice.I remember I used to hear the old advice: “Just be confident. If you translate that into cooking terms it might come out like: “Don’t over cook the food, but don’t undercook it either”. How about the fashion advice: “You should cut your hair and wear some xxx designer, women love that”.

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That’s not bad advice, but it’s the same as saying, “The secret to cooking is making French cuisine, cook that and you can’t go wrong”.

(It can) Or how about the advice: “I love it when a guy does nice things for me, like buy me flowers”.

The Magic Bullets Handbook is a complete road map to what to say and do when you meet a woman you're interested in - written by guys who have really been there.

The methods in this book are based on the proven Love Systems Triad Model, which was put to the test and endorsed by Psychology Today as being a powerful shortcut for men to attract and meet women for casual dating.

And I’m not saying that they don’t know what they want.

But I saying that a lot of women are over-confident in their abilities to give good dating advice for men.

But the women who are good at giving advice to men have spent a long time time learning about things from the male perspective.

And getting an idea of what goes on in “the kitchen”.

The triad model breaks the entire dating process down into three key dimensions, that you can use to understand exactly where the problems in your dating life are coming from, and how to fix them.

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