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of York, SC gave to Noah's Arks Rescue Lillian T.

of Austin, TX gave $25 to a Go Fund Me campaign Dan M.

of Millis, MA gave $100 to the JT Fortin Foundation for Autism Tobias C.

of New Jersey gave $20 to International Relief Teams of Puerto Rico Amanda S.

of Minnesota gave $20 to a friend making her first movie Linda N.

of Seattle, WA gave $15 to Life After Hate Sharon H.

gave to the City of Hope Cancer Hospital Sandor S.

of Hanover, PA gave to a homeless man outside her local mall Christi N.

of the USA gave to Critters Writers Workshop Emily R.

of Atlanta, GA gave to World Bird Sanctuary Annie A. of Kentucky gave to the Lexington Humane Society Joe M.

of Lansing, NY gave 0 to Rogues on Roof, rebuilding houses in Puerto Rico David B. of Portland, OR gave to Start Making a Reader Today (SMART) Ian M.

of Cleveland, OH gave to The City Mission Thomas P.


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