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The Hurricane Center in Miami said hurricane-force winds extended 50 miles from Irma's center and tropical storm-force winds extended 175 miles.

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Shoppers are seen above waiting for a shipment of water Wednesday in Altamonte Springs, Florida The photo attached to her tweet shows a screenshot of Amazon’s page in which a 24-bottle case of Nestle water is sold for $18.48 – which does not include an expedited shipping and handling charge of $179.25.

One possible explanation for the higher prices is an algorithm Amazon uses known as 'dynamic pricing.'Similar to a practice employed by ride-sharing app Uber, Amazon uses an algorithm which automatically adjusts pricing based on demand.

Several big box stores have activated emergency response protocols, sending truck loads of hurricane preparation items to areas with the greatest need.

Walmart said it had activated their Emergency Operations Center for Hurricane Irma to 'get those shelves stocked as soon as possible,' Ragan Dickens, director of national media relations told the Miami Herald.'This is an all-hands-on-deck operation,' Dickens said.

Whenever demand for a certain product spikes, the price is bumped up as well, according to CBS Moneywatch.

Dynamic pricing is legal, though experts say that whenever it is noticed during times of crisis like a major storm or a terrorist attack, it inevitably leads to accusations of price gouging.

Yet some of those who are looking to the e-commerce site were angered to see what they say is an attempt by Amazon to profit off an impending disaster.‘I'm in Tampa trying to buy water online because stores are out of water and this is crazy price gouging!

’ one Twitter user tweeted, attaching a photo of a 24-bottle case of Dasani water that sells online for .20.

He also said that the state is going to start the evacuations starting with the Keys, and move north depending on where the storm turns.


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