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Formal research on the seven new quality tools began in 1972 as part of the Japanese Society of QC technique development meetings. Affinity Diagrams encourages creativity by everyone on the team at all phases of the process.

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The steps can be organized as follows: From the start, reach consensus on the choice of words you will use. A “typical” Affinity has 40–60 items, it is not unusual to have 100–200 ideas. Without talking: sort ideas simultaneously into 5–10 related groupings a) Move Post-it® Notes where they fit best for you; don’t ask, simply move any notes that you think belong in another grouping.

Neutral statements work well, but positive, negative, and solution-oriented questions also work. Brainstorm at least 20 ideas or issues a) Follow guidelines for brainstorming. b) Sorting will slow down or stop when each person feels sufficiently comfortable with the groupings.

The seven new tools, as written by Japanese authors Mizuno Shigeru (1988) and Asaka Tetsuichi and Ozeki Kazuo (Tetsuichi, 1990), are: Translating the seven new tools into English provided a better U. Goal/QPC (Brassard, 1989) (Domb, 1994) formed the statistical resource committee which modified the seven new QC tools to a similar set of seven management and planning tools. It encourages “ownership” of results that emerge because the team creates both the detailed input and general results.

Affinity Diagrams breaks down longstanding communication barriers.

The following features make it easy to use: • Its table form quickly summarizes the tasks needed to complete a project.

• You can easily customize it to track information specific to your project. The steps for completing a planning grid are as follows: We have chosen to make our Resources freely and openly available on the web with the hope that it touches the life of thousands of readers who visits us daily.The affinity diagram appears similar to the mind mapping technique, in that one generates ideas that link up to other ideas to form thought patterns.The affinity diagram uses an organized method to gather facts and ideas to form developed patterns of thought. Affinity encourages creativity by everyone on the team at all phases of the process. Activity network diagram The affinity diagram is a technique that an individual or team can use for problem solving.Displayed prices are current lowest prices offered by retailers that have been located by an automated web crawler and are subject to change.


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