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[It is a theory of ours that the 4 rivers were possibly along the splits of pangaea, ie pangaea split along the 4 rivers with the rivers widening in to oceans? Pan ([1st god/group]) ~ Mendes ~ Chem ~ Min/Menes/Memian (1st king after gods) ~ Merneptah (“1st king after gods/pharaohs”) ~ Ptah (1st godking, Memphis) ~ Vulcan/Hephaistos.

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* I am not certain if Potiphera/Rahotep is right or wrong. bible: 1 Moses/exod [12th]/josh, 2 judges [hyksos], 3 david [18th], 4 shishak/zerah [19th], 5a neco (26th), 5b persia (27th). ] (sayce) 4th-6th — ebla — akkadian (oxford) MKP — Mari (Childe) 13th — Old Babylonian (Rohl) hyksos king change calendar — Venus tablets? ] 900s solomon/menelik/shishak “800bc Destruction episode” 776 first Olympiad/petubastes/isaiah? 443 436 nilus-1stolymp 440/430/400 crow abe/joe-mos santablet crow menesrevisedclosertopresent sothaicoutabout 393 hyksos-danaus 380y canopusdecree 365/364/363/360/350 chaos,[no/fl-abe?

Orthodox experts assert that Ra-hotep can’t be Hotep-ra or match Potiphera/Petephoros/Petephres because of Modern-alleged ancient Egyptian grammar/langauge rules. rohl: 1 moses/12-13th, 2 inachus/hyksos, 3 dave/amarna, 4 shishak/ramses2, 3/4 trojan war/seapeoples, 5 persians; egyptology: 1 moeris (12th/ok), 1/2 saites/minoan (15/16th), 3 , 4a seapeoples (19/20th/nk), 4b cocaine (19th/21st), 5b persians (26/30th); 3 hermes: 0 set, 1 shu/num, 3/4 thoth. 15/16/hyksos — Assyrians (josephus) 15/16/hyksos — baghdad (velikovsky) 18/nahrina 18/Amarna — Kassi/Mitanni/Mid Ass Per (amarna/rohl) 18/19 — Hittites 19/20th/seapeoples — Assyria (Fitzgerald-Lee) 22nd/23rd — Assyria/Elam (Weigall/Bey) [1st olympiad — Nabonasar] 25th — Assyria 26th — Neo Babylonian 27/31 — Persians 32 — Alex the Grt possible biblical-Babylonian scheme: 10 patriarchs — 10 antediluvian kings Flood — deluge/flood Babel — Eridu/Badtibira? 715 pimay 600 necho,nephi 585″ad” eclipse Lyd&Med 570-526 amasis 500s 26thdyn 525 cambyses? ],set war/horus Venemies Re/chase Setout/eventsyr Kdm, flood-Abe 320-348 years between sothaic dates of Sesostris 3 and Amenhotep 1 300/3centuries Dates OKmaybeupto3centsout surid-flood, jephthah horus, sothaic about 300-500 years out, 261/256 years for the 1st/2nd dynasties? variance Carbondating, phoenix 250 [“opinion”]; 250yrs 250diffbetween700&949 224y(4×56) 1547/ah1-menophres/1485 215/221/251 &/or 259/260/261 yrs for the Hyksos (15th &/or 16th) 217yrs 8demigods 214/215 yrs 3rd dyn in Manetho?

Abraham (variously dated between 2300 – ca 2000s/”1900s” bc) was seemingly in the latter part of the 1st dynasty: the famine/drought and following plague(s)/disaster(s) of Abraham (Genesis 12) matches famine/drought & following (numerous) plague(s)/disaster(s) (& miracles) of Uenephes/Ata/Semenptah (Bey pages 28-9) &/or Semti (Bristowe) &/or Semerhet (Clayton page 25).* (Josephus also says Abraham brought culture to Egyptians, confounding him with 1st dynasty culture-bringers? Depending on age of Phoenix/crow (variously/range 250 [“opinion”] / 400 years [Horapollo] / 500 years [Tacitus, Herodotus] / 660 yrs [Pliny] to 1460 yrs [Tacitus/Poole] to 1500 yrs [Lepsius] to 7000 yrs [“opinion”]) this gives date of either 1000 / 1600 yrs bc / 2000 yrs bc / 2640 / 5840 / 6000 / 28000 yrs bc.

The great pyramid is considered to date between 10xxx bc and 2xxx bc. Tacitus said that there had been only 4 Phoenixes in Egyptian bc history.

Eden Egypt like many other nations seems to have evidences confirming the 4 rivers of Eden of Genesis. “1663 years Egyptian state lasted before Cambyses [525 bc]”?

A symbol in Philipot for the 4 rivers of a circle with cross in it ( ) suggests that the 4 rivers divided the whole world/earth. Herodotus’ Pan [29220yrs to Amasis2] seems to be divided by 18 and match his Greek Dionysos 1600 years.

The carbon date of Sekhemhet complex is 600 years older than the current orthodox date for Sekhemhet [which also itself i believe is 600 years older than true date].

It is said that “dates of the Old Kingdom may still be upto 3 centuries out” Some researchers including me believe from evidences that the orthodox date is for 3rd dynasty/Old Kingdom is far too early.

] This date is similar/close to the supposed Sothaic date of 1873 bc for Sesostris/Senusret 3 (12th dyn) which if the king/dynasty not date is wrong may better match 3rd dynasty? [However Atlantis has matches between the 12th to 19th dynasties and we are not totally certain of the true picture.] Thera/Crete also doesn’t match Atlantis details: wrong date; wrong size; wrong direction; wrong sinking catastrophe; no remains of city found; “Thera/Crete is barren”; “Crete/Thera was a colony”; etc. ]; Herodotus 1600 years [Egyptian Pan]/Greek Dionysos; 660 yrs phoenix (Pliny)? 364 year/s War: There are a few versions of the 363/364/365 years story, and a few different possible times/events it could relate to: – The events in the legend of “Horus (of Edfu/Behdeti) versus the adversaries of Re(- Harakhty)” [compared by some with Exodus] are said to have taken place in the year 363 in the reign of Re-Harakhty; – “Osiris came from Nubia in the 365th year of his reign accompanied by Horus, to chase Set [Aseth? ] 1491/1440 moses/exode [1400s moeris moses/exodus atlantis (900 bef Amasis 2);] “1435 bc sobekhotep 8? [562y alex] 500/511 hyksos “500 years to Moses/Azrail”?

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