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Please note that all this experience is from the SF Bay Area and may vary by location.

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either not showing up, being nothing like their photo, or otherwise creepy.

So, to answer your original question, you're looking at an overall .5% success rate if you have any standards.

But if the woman pays for dinner, then whether or not they have sex is no longer simple barter and the game instantly gets more complex. My girlfriend Rachel is dating a guy who loves when she picks up the check, which she does slightly more than half the time since she earns slightly more money than he does -- except when they're out in a group, in which case she "lets" him pay but then pays him back later.

If he agrees to share the check, he can seem like a cheapskate.

So that means you need to get 200 replies to have one successful casual encounter.

Now, if you think that's bad, let's look at how guys fare.

For men married to or dating these new women, reclining in the Lazy-Boy Chair and watching sports when their girlfriends or wives are rebooting their lives ain't going to cut it anymore. Yet I like when I turn heads when I walk into a room in my over-the-knee suede boots and flowered fishnets.

Partly because the rules have changed mid-game for those who grew up with Mike and Carol Brady as their role models.

Each hour in casual encounters generally gets you about 50-100 replies.

I suggest just spending the first couple of days looking over the sorts of email you get for patterns.

You would think I had suggested that men should just roll over and play dead while those ball-busting dominant women flipped them over and had their way with them given some of the vitriolic responses to my article Get real, wake up and smell post coital bliss those who embrace women with high libidos are luxuriating in! And partly because the rules are still amorphous even for the women who are initiating change.


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