Consolidating schools in pa

A merger would devastate the city’s 9,600 residents, the family says. Tim Mahoney, D-Uniontown, introduced legislation to merge seven Fayette County districts into one with a single superintendent, school board and a savings of as much as million.

The measure met stiff opposition and failed to get before voters.

Only the former Monaca and Center Area districts in Beaver County successfully joined since, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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Student Kaylee Mc Nutt (left), 17, works in a small group with Megan Harlow (center), 16, Eliyas Ali, 17, all of Springdale, and Logan Anderson (far right), 17, of Harmarville to study Henry David Thoreau during and 11th-grade English class at Springdale Junior-Senior High School on Friday, Dec. Kaylee Mc Nutt (center), 17, works in a small group with Megan Harlow (right), 16, Eliyas Ali, 17, all of Springdale, to study Henry David Thoreau during an 11th-grade English class at Springdale Junior-Senior High School.

Snow blankets the ground outside Springdale Junior-Senior High School on Friday, Dec. A 2007 state study suggested that Allegheny Valley might save some money by consolidating with a neighboring district, but the district, like many other small school systems in the state, is largely satisfied with its local and community-oriented approach.

The idea roughly mirrors school consolidation in states such as Arkansas, where more than a third of school districts have merged since 2002. The teachers all know each other,” said Amy Kokoski of Cheswick, a Springdale Junior-Senior High School alumna whose father and daughters attended the same school.

Critics there and in Harrisburg say the idea isn't a universal fit for public schools navigating tight budgets and funding gaps. “The kids get to participate in a lot of things because there aren't a lot of kids.” The S&P study found the Allegheny Valley School District, which includes Springdale High, and the nearby Riverview School District might save several million dollars a year by merging.

The Midland school board sends teenagers to East Liverpool High School in Ohio under the only such cross-state arrangement in Pennsylvania. Community commitment Condensing school systems stirred resistance in other states.

Midland's high school closed in 1986 when the tax base sank during the steel industry collapse, eroding the population base and academic programs. Arkansas watched businesses close and bus rides get longer in towns that lost public schools, a shift one superintendent called the disenfranchisement of communities.Consolidate districts of a few thousand students or more and “the economies of scale seem to fizzle out after a while.” Weighing the numbers Pennsylvania families watched state and local officials compress the 2,361 districts on the map in 1959 into 505 by 1980.Mergers slowed through the 1980s after a 1981 court order desegregated and combined the Edgewood, General Braddock, Swissvale, Churchill and Turtle Creek districts into the Woodland Hills district.“No one wants to give up their imaginary lines of power,” Mahoney said. There are only two reasons why people run for school boards,” he said.“One is to get someone a job and the second is to get even with a coach or teacher.” Maureen Mc Clure, a University of Pittsburgh education professor, said nepotism and patronage are serious obstacles to school mergers. “Critics complain, ‘Aren't you hiring relatives? ' They respond, ‘We're hiring people who know us.' ” — Richard Gazarik They squeezed more kids into classrooms, cut field trips and combined high school athletics. Overcoming that is very difficult,” said state Sen.A school bus with students from Midland in Beaver County crosses the state line on Route 68 early Wednesday, Dec. The district has an agreement that enrolls the students in East Liverpool because the Midland district closed its high school in 1986.


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